About my new favourite pub in Marazion.

Duckie (the dog) was two on Tuesday, so we combined her birthday with a trip down to Newlyn to investigate a jeweller down there, who specialises in bashed, battered, sandblasted wibbly-edged wedding rings. Fiance is not a jewellery man, and for a while didn’t want to wear a wedding ring when we get married – but he’s since changed his mind. He’s a romantic and thinks it’s a nice symbol of togetherness… I agree and so we found this amazing jeweller. We got the ring size right, and ordered one then and there in his noisy workshop with Duckie stinking the place out (no one complained but I felt pretty bad for them).

To celebrate, we walked the Duck on the sand dune bit at the top of Marazion beach (no dogs allowed til October… makes me so angry but that rant is for another time). Then, we trundled along to the recently refurbished Godolphin Arms. We’d been before but this second time it actually inspired me to start this blog – it was so, so, so good. The food, the setting, the view, the sunset. It was awesome. They even brought the stinky mutt a bowl of water with ice cubes in it… and four dog biscuits on her own little saucer.

It was cold so we sat inside (forgot to bring coats, we’re not Cornish-weather-minded yet) but we could still see the stunning view through the enormous bi-fold doors onto the glass-rimmed deck. We ate the special roast loin of pork with garlic mash and red cabbage (£12) and had a very good glass of house red wine (don’t know how much) and it was amazing.  Definitely going to take visitors there next time they descend.

We need to pick up the wedding ring in 3 weeks when they’ve crafted it – perhaps we’ll combine that with another trip to the pub. The dog will be allowed to run and play on the empty beach then too. Yay.


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