36 hours in Salcombe, Devon.

Low tide walk at Mill Bay, Salcombe.

Low tide walk at Mill Bay, Salcombe.

Hey, yo. So this weekend I ventured over the border into Devon. Via a quick stop to pick up an item of pottery that is a gift so I shall say no more about that, but it involved a Plymouth housing estate, folding cash, and a plastic Sainsburys bag containing a beautiful 1960s stoneware thing of secrecy. Onwards, and 11ish hours later we arrived at the crest of the terrifying hill at the top of the harbour village of Salcombe (it was an hour really, but it felt like 11 hours due to my desperate singing, Peeb’s crazy lane driving, and not knowing where I’m going).

Populated by a few authentic sea-dogs and the cast of Made in Chelsea, Salcombe manages to cling to its uniquely beautiful charm despite the drunken haw-hawing of people traipsing home at 3am.

We were staying with my soon-to-be in-laws, and we just walked and walked, ate chipshop chips with fried eggs for tea, and admired the views. On Sunday we ate the most divine crab sandwiches at the Crab Shed down on Batson Quay. Watching the tide rise and fall is the best thing about a waterfront weekend in Salcombe.

On the way home we stopped in Plymouth again, this time at Drake Circus shopping centre (boo!) for the Peeb to try on wedding suit sizes in Next. It almost killed the post mini-break glow – but not quite. Home for 20 minute lamb curry and ice-cream repentance. It’s now only 2 weeks and 5 days until my wedding dress fitting and I’m still the same weight I was at proposal (2 years ago). Aaaargh. Wish me luck for the next three weeks of exercising and living on vegetables.

Peeb will be wearing a semi-bespoke (?!) tweed suit from a company whose sizes are similar to those used by Next… so hopefully, fingers crossed, praying the suit he ordered today will fit properly.

Top tips for Salcombe? Get yourself a loaf of sourdough bread from the bakery. And get an ice cream from the ice cream factory – I had Ginger. The best. Walk to South Sands beach and get the ferry back for £3.50 each (dog goes free).


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