Painting the walls of a Cornish stone cottage.

Rendered stone walls in a Cornish CottageDamp in the dining room of a Cornish cottage

I’m just researching which paint to buy to paint the interior walls of our living and dining rooms of our 1850 Cornish stone cottage. The walls are partly rendered, some with thicker render and some with thin – so in parts you can really see the texture of stone. The fireplace has been re-pointed with pale grout – so you can really see the sparkly nature of the granite especially in low light.

Last winter the storms, rain and floods were overwhelming in Cornwall. We found out our front walls (south facing, catching the brunt of the weather) were cracked and water literally rained in from behind the enormous granite lintels onto our wide window ledges. Pans and salad bowls lined the windows catching a pint or two in each bowl a day at the worst times.

And the dark corner of the dining room behind the “handkerchief tree” hasn’t dried out yet. (I don’t know what the tree is, I only know it has hanky shaped leaves – any guesses?)

We’re having the exterior walls re-pointed at the end of September, which should solve the ‘raining indoors’ problem – but we really need to repaint the interior too. With a dusty dog and a few patches of varying finish paint left by the previous owners we want a more uniform, matt look.

But you can’t slap any old paint onto rendered stone in a cottage with no damp-proof course. So I have been researching and reading up on it – and I am happy to have found Earthborn paint. They make eco-friendly, no-VOC, safe, thick, breatheable, matt clay-based paint in some beautiful colours. It’s quite cheap too. So this week I’m going to pick some up, in white, and then post about the results! I’ll make sure I do some proper before and after shots too.

I’m also on the hunt for some cheap, non-slippery patio paving slabs or tiles. We have a tiny patio area which is concrete at the moment, so we need to lay the stones on top of that which isn’t ideal. We really need to make sure water doesn’t pool by the house!

Hopefully this won’t be one of those jobs that it takes me 45 years to actually do…

Any advice on patio laying, painting and granite is gratefully received!



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