Hen Day in Falmouth

All about my Falmouth hen do

Beautiful, elegant Hen Do.

The Mothers’ Hen was such a good day… it was laid-back and totally unstressful. I had a bit of help from my friends – lovely Cava was brought along and we set off on the good ship Princessa from the Prince of Wales Pier in Falmouth at 2pm. For two hours we bobbed on the water, out of the harbour and along to the Helford river, with calm, sunny weather all the way. We drank the Cava and ate a box of excellent pasties I’d ordered from Pasty Presto. They were hot, juicy and delicious, with really good pastry that isn’t rock hard. The box kept them warm, and also came with really pretty paper bags to use as plates and plenty of napkins. Really good for a party – and a box of ten was £26.50 which was ok price-wise (they’re more than that usually).

When they say ‘full commentary’ on the boat, it’s just enough to be quite interesting and but not at all overwhelming. We were busy chatting but there were a few interesting things along the way that helped the conversation (most people were meeting for the first time).

When we got back, we walked over to Gylly beach for a coffee and the conversation became a bit more ‘henny’ with tales of strippers with tomato sauce flavoured crisps stuffed into their leather posing pouches. With our minds opened we strolled home from the beach (we were meant to go in the sea, but couldn’t be arsed).

Back at home we got changed ready for our much anticipated meal at the Wheelhouse. Without doubt, my favourite restaurant in Falmouth, I talk about the Wheelhouse all the time and I was so pleased they had space for 10 of us – particularly as most of the girls hadn’t been there before.  (I booked four months ago). As we got ready at home there was a flurry of activity – Mum seemed to be stressing about something and there was a lot of whispering. The front door opened and shut a few times and I was suspicious that they were getting some horrific stripper in.. luckily it was just them panicking: Mum had picked up a couple of plastic tiaras, some sashes etc, but she’d only got 9 things because the bride’s veil/L plates combo was just too hideous. So they’d somehow ended up with nothing for me – cue running over the road and sourcing a beauuuuuutiful flower crown from our neighbour just as the taxis arrived. So I ended up looking like a happy flower child, resplendent under my flowery halo. I was just gutted I had to give it back the next day!

My favourite restaurant: mussels at the Wheelhouse Falmouth
Down we went to the Wheelhouse. They do just seafood, two ways (garlic or garlic/chilli/ginger/lime/coconut type flavours). I’d pre-ordered to help out the kitchen (it’s a tiny place) and so copper pans of mussels, prawns, scallops and crab flowed out of the kitchen, along with baskets of the best skinny chips. I didn’t order salads because salads have no place among all that deliciousness. Wheelhouse Tina as always was brilliant with everyone – we had such a good time. We talked and laughed and ate for 3 hours. Their white wine (house) is just so crisp and delicious. The night ended with a beer at Beerwolf Books followed by a 30 minute sway/bop in Mangos before going home to stuff our faces with cupcakes and tea.

The funniest bit of the night was when my Mum’s very sensible friend Jan questioned me about the Peeb, in the style of a Mr and Mrs quiz. Mum and Jan had got the Peeb’s answers completely wrong and kept reading out the answers at the same time as the questions by mistake, which was hilarious. In the end I somehow won all the prizes, the best one was a concierge type bell that had “ring for sex” written on it. Not at all what I expected Auntie Jan to pull out of her bag.

It was a great day, and didn’t cost us a great deal… £13 each for the boat ride & pasty, plus £30 for dinner… and now I can’t wait for the London version next month! Woop woop.

And the next day, we got all the doggies and some of the boys together for a walk and a beer at Porthtowan.. here’s a pic of all the doggies together. How gorgeous.

After the hen we walked the dogs at Porthtowan

Hen Dogs

Have you got a hen story you’d like to share? What do you think about having a separate Mother Hens do?




One thought on “Hen Day in Falmouth

  1. Vic says:

    Sounds such fun! What a lovely way to celebrate the start of your special day. The food looks amazing, too! Do you remember that time we went for mussels in Fowey?! I was so poorly! xx


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