Delicious pizza and medicinal whiskey at The Stable, Falmouth

Taxidermy wall art at The Stable, Falmouth, CornwallLast Sunday I was feeling very sorry for myself, I had a really sore throat, my face was raining snot, and my voice and chest had gone all creaky and weird. So I couldn’t face cooking, and couldn’t really face eating much. At about 3 o’clock I knew I had to have something, so the Peeb kindly steered me into The Stable, the new pizza, pie and cider pub in the old custom house in Falmouth.

Beautiful pizzas at the Stable in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Minced beef, chorizo and ham.

Firstly let me state the Peeb’s two favourite things in the world sustenance-wise are pizza and cider. So he was very happy.

We went up to order, and the Peeb tried the whiskey barrell cider which was just amazing: smoky and strong. The stylish chica behind the bar made me a really lovely hot toddy, with whiskey, loads of lemon, hot water and brown sugar that I could mix myself. It really helped…

Pizza review of The Stable, Falmouth, Cornwall

Lamb roast pizza with sweet potato, and my little friend in the back – a perfect spinach and bacon number with a beautifully cooked egg in the middle.

Dad enjoyed an obligatory glass of vin rouge and we stuffed our faces with some weird / fantastically crisp and thin pizza. Mine was amazing – if anything there was TOO MUCH meat on it which is a better complaint than the god-awful place we went last week where the Peeb paid £1 extra for one micro-thin slice of salami chopped into whiskers on his oily, spongy manky pizza-mess in another Cornish establishment that will remain nameless.

Dad’s meat party was The Red Ruby Rustler £13.50 which he went into raptures over. I had The Pendennis Piggy £10 because I always have the pizza that comes with an egg on. (I love eggs.) The weirdness was the The Lamb Roast £10.50 pizza that the Peeb chose – only because you don’t usually see lamb and sweet potatoes on a pizza but believe me it worked.

Not only was the most important thing (food and drink) really good in this place – the service was ace too. Duckie the dog was so happy snuggled up on the beautiful polished concrete floor, with the log burner blazing and a handsome wild boar looking down at us. They’ve renovated the old building beautifully, and given the fact they also do pies, no doubt we’ll be back down there again before too long.


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