Melting Pot of surprising curry and other stuff

OK sorry, sorry, I have been completely caught up in wedding and honeymoon organising, passport photos for visas, hiring amp and speakers, getting a playlist, arguing over the table plan, being surprised by gorgeous, thoughtful presents and a load of other things. So my blog has been neglected but I am spurred to write about several things that are going on. Sorry for the thought-jumble.

Melting Pot cafe curry

Delicious curry at the Melting Pot, on Fridays in Redruth

Redruth’s secret treasure trove of weirdness cafe, the Melting Pot.

Last week was ridiculous at work. So, so hectic, all kinds of different stuff going on and all of it high-stress and long hours etc. My colleague’s birthday whizzed by uncelebrated so on Friday we piled in the car and headed over to the Melting Pot cafe in Redruth for lunch. Wow. What a surprise to find such an endearingly strange and wonderful cafe. Friday is curry day apparently, and for £6.50 we had bowls of delicious lamb mince curry, perfect basmati rice, a little naan, and the amazing dal to rival that of the Peppercorn Kitchen, Perranuthnoe. Totally fit and worth breaking the pre-wedding diet for.Melting Pot cafe interior

Wedding make up: “Sleek” contouring kit: Ordered and waiting for delivery.

I have a wide face. And a “five head”. And no cheekbones or chin to speak of. So I’ve been watching make up tutorials on YouTube and I’m ready to try my Sleek contouring kit, which I ordered for £10 (free delivery) on the weirdly named Beautifeye who I think sell those weird fashion contact lenses..?! Still, it’s in the post and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Hair on the wedding day – to do it myself or not?

I have really frizzy/curly hair and it’s really fine. It looks nice straight or smooth/bouncy blow dry but invariably goes as flat and limp as a bit of wet coriander a couple of minutes after the blow dry. I was resigned to doing it curly myself (bit of moisturising curl cream with a bit of hold in it, I tried Naz’s Sainsbury’s curly hair stuff on the London hen and my curls stayed as they should all day) but will it look ok in the pics, or will I look a frizzy mess? Rant time: Shame on Sainsbury’s by the way, wtf was that war advert about? Exchanging gifts then going back to slaughtering and gassing each other in the most violent and bloody conflict imaginable, for four years?! Oh but Happy Christmas anyway. No. No. NO. I thought ‘war profiteering’ was illegal? A “dangerous, disrespectful masterpiece” as the Guardian said. Another thing that made me Tweet some passive-aggressive fury this morning, the chef Tom Kerridge being sexist on his cookery program last night, and then going to Wimbledon dog track to cook burgers?! Obviously not a man afraid of ruffling feathers/offending animal welfare supporters or women. I tweeted him this article from the Guardian, suggesting he make a generous donation to the rehabilitation of racing greyhounds as he’s such a fan of this “sport”. Pffffffft. No reply yet!

How to display a table plan

There is a real danger when planning one’s wedding to lose one’s grip on reality (see my ranting above. Literally everything is making me either rant, cry, or write a detailed list). I realised this yesterday when I was about to buy a really naff, nasty picture frame to string the table plan across, for £20 plus delivery… I suddenly realised my Dad is a painter and I have about 40 of his paintings of Falmouth I could use instead!!!! So now I’ve just bought some mini pegs, Mum has some lovely ribbon, and I will use a tiny screw or nail on the back of the picture frame to create a table plan with a colourful, beautiful painting as the background. It will be great.

The rest of the weekend…

This weekend I had the best hair colour of my life at Toni + Guy in Truro. 3 colours, really fine highlights, whole head but not intensively underneath so it actually looks natural. Love it. We also drove up to Padstow for the morning, with my parents in law and my friend who was there to collect her tiny new kitten. She didn’t want to go alone for fear of dangerous Gumtree fraudsters and quite right too. Still,the kitten is a delight and has a wonderful new life ahead of her, the dear little thing. I can’t wait to introduce the Duck to Kitty and see if they can be friends.New kitten snoozing.

Next on my list: Honeymoon packing, order thank you cards, prepare the table plan, print the place names, organise disco dancing playlist, hair rehearsal and cook roast lamb on Sunday.

And finally… a windscreen hitchhiker who slowly revealed herself during our drive home late on Thursday.

Hitchhiking snail on the windscreen

Autumn leaves in Kimberly Park, Falmouth

Autumn reaches Kimberly Park, Falmouth

Very excited!!!


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