Walking back to our guests

Our cliff top Cornish wedding – part 2

OK so to carry on with the tale, I’m going to tell you about where we got married.

We wanted a wedding where we could get all our loved ones in one place, and spend as much time as we could all together. We looked at country house type venues, and barns with accommodation, but we were put off by the amount of hard work those weddings can be. So my mum somehow Derren Browned me into loving a particular hotel, with stunning views, Danish design (very important for us) and a cliff top location that even in a serious storm is both stunning and cosy at the same time.

Our venue

We chose, of course, the Polurrian Bay Hotel in Mullion. The food, the booze, the organisation (it seemed very laid back but they were working like machines to get everything flowing seamlessly) and the location were just the stuff of dreams. I’ve never had an idea in my head of my ‘dream wedding’ at all, but what that hotel gave me was better than anything I could have thought of. The team including Clare, Sarah and Johann and of course the chefs in the kitchen are all awesome and I know every single one of the guests loved every minute of their stay. We had the whole place to ourselves for the weekend, with almost everyone arriving on the Friday evening (boozy partying until 3am? Ooops) and staying to wave us off on Sunday lunchtime. We walked the coast path, and down to the cove to see the waves, and it was all just so relaxing and special and intimate… and while that is a lot to do with our friends and family – the hotel staff were brilliant too.

  • Winter wedding walk Cornwall Another quiet moment for our guest Birds eye view of the coast winter wedding cornwall Bride and Groom sneak off to walk the dog Cliff top Cornish wedding Cliff top wedding Cornwall sunset Clifftop wedding Cornwall winter wedding at sunset Dancing begins Dress detail Everyone loves a wedding ceilidh Good luck hug Hair getting done He puts a ring on it Holding hands during the ceremony Lacing the dress is a serious business Left holding the bouquet More and more paperwhite flowers My wedding flowers Nazan sees me for the first time Nosy bride spies  out the window Old friends Our dog at our wedding Paperwhites everywhere simple and elegant Paperwhites from the Scillies everywhere Pics at sunset Romance is catching at weddings Sunset view Polurrian Bay hotel wedding Swinging Ceilidh band The Tinners Table settings winter wedding cornwall Tears and love on our wedding day in Cornwall Terrace and amazing sunshine in November The ceremony room The last photo still dancing The view out of my window at the Polurrian Walking back to our guests Walking to marry my husband We got married We kissed for an indecent amount of time We went for a walk Wedding cake detail Wedding cake with anenomes and silver Wedding ceilidh in Cornwall The Tinners Wedding flowers holding hands Wheres our dinnerThe highlights for me were:
  • Trekking down a tiny cliff path for those cinematic shots of Alan’s and cutting my toe on a bramble, and having to wrap grass around my toe to keep blood off my dress…
  • Glasses of fizz on the terrace when the deed was done and the party begun
  • A delicious meal of crab and smoked salmon tian, followed by roast chicken with wild mushrooms, and then the epic cake…
  • Our Cornish band, the Tinners, who ceilidh us up a good ‘un. I didn’t expect so many people to dance…
  • My Dad’s face when I came down the stairs
  • That lovely hour or so of my Mum pinning flowers in my hair
  • Seeing my fiance at the end of the aisle waiting for me
  • My nieces singing for us, and playing the guitar and being generally awesome
  • My sister’s song for us which was very Danish and very much fun and beautifully written
  • The speeches, both the planned and the unplanned…

The only thing I might have changed is to perhaps go away not immediately after the wedding. We left the next day at noon, but it felt too soon, and I wonder if we had trapped everyone there we could have extended the party for a couple more days..?! But we did go and had many adventures around Cambodia and Vietnam. But that is a story for next time.

Nighty night.

PS. Our Reading: I can’t find the link any more! So here it is, reproduced for your reading pleasure. I didn’t write this and there are shorter versions all over the place, but this is the long one. It’s not really Apache but written by screenwriter Albert Maltz for the movie Broken Arrow in the 1940s apparently. It was read to us during the ceremony by my friend Emily who is frikken wonderful. Here is the reading, perfect for non-religious, atheist and humanist wedding ceremonies if you ask me.

An Apache Blessing

May the sun bring you new strength by day,

May the moon softly restore you by night,

May the rain wash away your fears,

And the breeze invigorate your being,

May you, all the days of your life together,

Walk gently through the world and know its beauty.

Treat yourselves and each other with respect,

and remind yourselves often of what brought you together.

Give the highest priority to the tenderness,

gentleness and kindness that your connection deserves.

When frustration, difficulties and fear assail your relationship,

as they threaten all relationships at one time or another,

remember to focus on what is right between you,

not only the part which seems wrong.

In this way, you can ride out the storms,

when clouds hide the face of the sun in your lives,

remembering that even if you lose sight of it for a moment,

the sun is still there.

And if each of you takes

responsibility for the quality of your life together,

it will be marked by abundance and delight.

Now you will feel no rain,

For each of you will be shelter for the other,

Now you will feel no cold,

For each of you will be warmth to the other,

Now there is no more loneliness,

For each of you will be company for the other,

Now you are two persons,

But there is only one life before you.

Go to your dwelling,

Enter into the days of your life together

And may your days be good and long upon the earth

PPS. I realise I have said more about the peoples and things that made the wedding, rather than the feelings and the emotions of the day, but that is because that stuff is hard to write down. Maybe for another time. x

Our winter wedding in Cornwall

Our Cliff Top Winter Wedding in Cornwall

Well, well well. It’s been a while… how you doin’? I am just great, and a wife! It’s been a life changing few months and yet it all feels very normal and comforting to call ‘husband!’ and my beloved responds “WHAT????!!!!!  WHAT DO YOU WANT, WIFE?” and then we have a row about nothing and all is well. It’s not really like that I’m making it all up.  I might as well confess I’m reading Gone Girl at the moment and I’m half way through (read til 2am it was annoyingly intriguing) and I think this is affecting my storytelling of the wedding ding ding ding!

Our winter wedding in Cornwall

Why brides don’t cry on their wedding day

Anyway. I’m going to gush now. It was just the most perfect day, a perfect weekend and I was so happy the whole time I beamed and loved everyone and everything so so so much I was bursting. I felt so blissfully happy the whole thing went so smoothly, I didn’t notice anything that went wrong – even when I was informed of some teeny thing to do with the table plan I didn’t even understand the problem until last week. It was so great. I always cry and didn’t for so long that my husband asked me if I was dead inside.

Lacing the dress is a serious business

All the uncontrollable wedding variables went well

The most important things all were amazing: my husband turned up (win!), the weather was fully sunny and no wind = 14 degrees Celsius at the end of November (beers on the terrace in t-shirts weather) my dress felt amazing and my hair didn’t annoy me, the dog didn’t poo during the ceremony and no one died.

Nazan sees me for the first time

Oh my god, the cake, the perfect cake

The hotel staff were awesome, everything ran smoothly.. The cake arrived safely from London  and was a work of art and the most delicious cake ever tasted. It was made by my best girl Nazan who is a genius cake maker of wedding cakes and others too (all amazing) and if you’re well jel of the pictures then go over and talk to her at Daisy Cakes (tell her I said hi). I showed her the venue last April and she came up with the design as a surprise for me… silver leaf was the Cornish sea crashing on the cliffs, and the twining vine of ivy and beautiful anenomes was for me as they are my favourite flowers. She made two types of sponge – a dark chocolate ganache and a lemon one with lemon curd which were so delicious. It was a masterpiece. She is the talk of London town, and has tonnes of awards and so if you want her, don’t dally.

Amazing wedding cake by Daisy Cakes Greenwich

Enough about London – it was a Very Cornish Wedding

Everything else was Cornish. We had Alan Law, who’s so amazing at wedding photography, Al’s now teaching the rest of ’em how it’s done (in a very nice, charming way I’m sure with plenty of giggles). Voted among the top 30 wedding photographers in the world, Alan Law was the perfect choice because we just can’t get enough of the photos – we keep poring over them and they are just the BEST memory of the day I could have asked for. I chose him because I love his style, and when I browsed his gallery of 2013, the emotion he captured moved me to tears. So I also proclaim him a genius, just like Nazan. Are you sensing a theme here?!

Nosy bride spies out the window

I chose my dress well over a year before the wedding, at Amanda K in Truro. It was off the peg – the last one in the shop  (I’m a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to wedding dresses, I got it for a BARGAIN but won’t say anymore or Amanda might tell me off). I went down the route of investigating the eBay made-in-Chinas but got it on good authority that the cheapie ones often don’t photograph well. I thought I’d better give myself every chance of a few nice photos so I shopped around for a long time until I found this dress which truly made me feel amazing. The top was a separate thing and together I think they were perfect for me. I do think my ass looked rather too bootylicious in the pics but I think Alan was using his Nicky Minaj lens at those times maybe..? Yes. *eats 14th gingernut, nodding sagely*.

He puts a ring on it

Wedding dress dilemmas and a skinny-trouser-addict groom

Anyway, the dress was so perfect it didn’t need altering (just shortening at the hem), which was handled expertly by the magical fingers of Maria the Seamstress of Ponsanooth. I took her the Peeb’s suit for altering – the trousers came unlined, tweed! Itchy or what?? So Maria shortened and tightened and lined his slim cut tweed suit trousers slightly skinnier – and then he asked her to go skinnier again – until he was happy. He does love skinny trousers maybe a little too much BUT he was actually right, and Maria and I should say sorry for mocking him – he looked 100% f-ing fantastic on the day in all his finery. Don’t you think?

Tears and love on our wedding day in Cornwall

I should talk about the rings but I did here so only need to add that I found mine online and it was difficult to find something that went with my 100 year old diamond engagement ring, but I totally copied my friend who had an off-centre, channel set sort of eternity ring and they looked amazing together. So that was that.

I realise I have gone on a bit long for one post now.. read the next installment to find out about the venue, the band, and anything else I think of between now and then.. And if you want to ask me anything, please do, I won’t mind, even if you think it’s a bit nosey, just ask me and I may just dish.