Ode to a chicken wrap

Godrevy Cafe Mexican chicken wrap

The ultimate deliciousness.

I have a confession to make. I just spent the weekend with one of my oldest friends and had the best time. But do you know what I want to tell you about? A chicken wrap. Not our spectacular dancing to an extremely well curated 90s Spotify playlist, nor the South Indian curry I made. I’m keeping schtum about seeing Simon Amstell do his live stand-up at the Hall for Cornwall on Sunday night. Not the seals playing in the surf, the stunning Helford walk, nor the spectacular cinnamon coloured cotton trousers I found in New Look. These will get nothing but the merest mention. Nope. It’s all about a wrap. The Wrap. The perfect ‘Mexican chicken wrap’, which can only be found at Godrevy Cafe, near Gwithian.

Now to begin this tale of wrappiness, I need to take us in our time machine back to the summer of 2004 when I lived in Gwithian campsite in my beloved caravan, commuted by bicycle to work at ‘Take Me Home’ deli and tried to surf in the evenings. Lidl had just made its exotic appearance in Hayle, and life was sweet. The only place I would bring my caravan guests was Godrevy Cafe, because of the Mexican Wrap (which in those days had succulent, hot crispy and still rare steak in it. Oh my.) What began a decade ago as a preference is now suddenly bordering on obsessive.
Walk at Gwithian Cornwall

Saturday’s walk started off sunny

Why this wrap is so awesome
Beginning life as a steak wrap, the Mexican chicken wrap is one of three wrap related items offered on the handwritten menu at this popular walking rest stop in the National Trust carpark at Godrevy.
I don’t know what year it was that steak was discontinued and chicken became the star of the show, but at some point this decision was made by a brave and daring person with excellent taste buds. Nowadays, the well seasoned juicy grilled chicken with crispy edges nestles gently and satisfyingly among the grated cheese, avocado, tomato, yoghurt and lettuce within.
Storm clouds across St Ives bay

Then the storm clouds gathered on the way back.

Can words do it justice?
I wondered if I could write a song (or perhaps Wrap Rap), but instead I am going to list the things which made me so happy last weekend.

Wrappiness is…

  • Hanging out with my old mate Croz
  • Walking in gusts of wind so strong it’s a work out
  • Spotify playlist parties, particularly a 90s pop mix
  • Getting dressed up for a night at the theatre
  • Celebrity spotting in ‘Mannings of Truro’ while we grabbed a quick pre-theatre bite (yes, Harry Enfield and Matt Horne, we spied you)
  • Managing to almost get away with taking the dog upstairs at Godrevy Cafe because I went all that way for a chicken wrap and just had to have it.
Re. the new ‘no dogs upstairs’ rule, I think they ought to reconsider. There’s not much seating downstairs and almost everyone visiting the cafe brings their dog, and on Saturday downstairs was rammed with people queuing out the door. All the seating was packed and the people in the queue or waiting for a table loom over everyone sitting down to ‘enjoy’ their cream teas etc. So without letting dogs upstairs, the choice for people with dogs is: 1. Don’t visit the cafe. 2. Eat outside in a howling gale with lashing hail stones or 3. Lurk and pounce on 1 spare seat in the hope of acquiring another. If I was King I would let dogs sit upstairs too. Upstairs is twice as big as down, and on this particular day was only half full. We decided to flout the rules, and we quietly sat upstairs and only got mildly informed of the rules after we’d finished our lunch.
Dogless ‘or no’, I implore you to visit Godrevy Cafe and try it for yourself. If you can’t do that, then here is my interpretation of the Wrap for you to to try at home (makes 1 wrap):
Copycat Mexican Chicken Wrap Recipe
Flatten a boneless chicken thigh
Season with salt and grill until crispy on the edges and just cooked within.
While the chicken’s grilling:
Chop half a ripe avocado into cubes
Chop a good tomato into cubes
Shred some iceberg lettuce
Grate some cheddar
Open the plain yoghurt
Chop up some soft herbs
Warm a thin wrap through in a clean, dry frying pan (it helps it to bend a bit more elastically), I like Lidl’s coriander ones but as you can see Godrevy cafe use a red one so use one like that if you can find something similar.
On top of the warmed wrap, layer the lettuce, tomato, avocado, yoghurt dollop, sliced crispy warm chicken and a scattering of grated cheese in a small mound in the centre.
Grind some black pepper over
Top with a little chopped fresh basil, coriander, mint or parsley for a herby hit
Dress the whole lot with a squeeze of lemon and a splash of oil.
Roll up the bottom of the wrap, tuck in the sides and roll up tightly. Slice in half. Eat. Swoon.
And of course, I have to say something about the delightful Simon Amstell. He was brilliant and I’m so pleased we were part of what he called the “oddest” audience of the tour so far. I’m proud of you Simon. In fact I’m proud of us all.
Simon Amstell is on tour with “To Be Free” Details can be found here: http://www.simonamstell.co.uk/

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